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Hands-on activities for youth that emphasizes the use of all aspects of science and art.

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Included in the SYM is a STEAM+E model: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math + Entrepreneurship. With SYM and the STEAM+E model, Kituuma & Co. provides hands-on activities and training for youth that underscores the individual importance of each facet as well as the interdisciplinary nature of

each subject. Furthermore, we promote an entrepreneurial mindset as well as exposure to entrepreneurs in these fields. These experiences are inspiring, engaging and empowering.

Students in grades 1-12, school districts, PTO groups and businesses seeking

to advance their corporate social responsibility initiatives, benefit from our programming.

There is a shortage of professionals to meet the present and rising demand for careers in STEAM fields

SYM is different from other STEAM and STEM oriented program providers. At Kituuma & Co., we provide program development and implementation services to our clients from start to finish

or anywhere in between, with critical project management oversight.


We have the expertise, the strategy and the network to curate enrichment programs that provide these experiences. From single-day workshops and speaking engagements to extracurricular science clubs and independent non-profit entities. We are able to provide support at whatever stage the program is in, from conceptualization to implementation or data analysis regarding outcomes.


Benefits of the SYM program:

Program Development  and


Our services help teachers, parents, school administrators, and organizations with programming at any stage of development to:

  • Conceptualize a model that encompasses targeted goals.

  • Develop individualized offerings with engaging content

  • Align objectives with activities that lead to desired outcomes

  • Establish data systems that capture value-add

Inspire and 


Our STEAM+E model takes a unique approach that:

  • Provides exposure to entrepreneurs making a global impact

  • Instills an entrepreneurial mindset and desire to be change agents 

  • Empowers students to be innovators

  • Presents age-appropriate information about business concepts

  • Engages students through creative hands-on STEAM activities. 

Access to 



Our support with Diversity & inclusion helps business, organizations, and schools:

  • Gain knowledge on how to promote and expand opportunities for minorities

  • Understand the value of a diverse workforce 

  • Attain access & exposure to minority STEAM professionals

What people are saying


Positive and engaging dynamic with children - listening and dialogue-based. 


 An incredibly personal, valuable and meaningful experience.


Hands-on topics that really interest kids. 

We partnered with Newton Public Schools' Creative Arts and Science (CAS) program to provide a hands-on workshop to 3rd graders at the Horace Mann School.

“Thank you again for working with CAS to bring your presentation to students. It was very well received. I'd like to offer your program to all of the schools in Newton but with some modifications.”

Stacey Moriarty

Program Director - Creative Arts and Sciences 

Newton Public Schools

Let us help you launch the next generation of global STEAM leaders

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Frequently asked questions

What is STEAMulating Young Minds™ all about?

STEAMulating Young Minds (SYM) is the branch of Kituuma & Co. that focuses on increasing student’s exposure to the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM). We also have a special interest in Entrepreneurship. Ultimately our goal is to increase student interest and awareness of academic and career opportunities in the field of STEAM, while promoting an entrepreneurial mindset.

How can SYM help me?

Chances are we can help if you are:

  • Thinking about starting an extra-curricular program for students, but lacking the energy of activation or the insight to get started
  • Unsure about what type of program model would be best to achieve your desired goals
  • In need of professionals that are women and/or people of color to inspire youth that are underserved in the STEAM fields
  • Interested in coordinating a one-time event to increase your organization’s local presence and community engagement
  • Looking for a way to enrich your existing offerings and bring the subject matter to life with engaging hands-on content
  • Seeking to collect objective data on services and outcomes of your program to aid in marketing, fundraising or any other reporting

Why should I hire you?

Our experience is well-rounded and extensive, just like our network. We have the perspective and insight to consider some things that you might have overlooked, and the expertise to expediently provide you with the assistance you need to bring your ideas into fruition.

How long will you work with me?

Based on our initial consultation, we will establish a suitable timeline that allows us to meet the project objectives in a timeframe that works for you. Our services are individualized to meet your needs and we will commit to support you until your vision is fulfilled.

Can I afford your services?

We are very passionate about our work and very committed to making STEAM+E enrichment activities accessible to all youth. As such, we do offer discounts for non-profit organizations. Our pricing model is somewhat flexible depending on your needs (i.e. ongoing project management vs. workshop implementation vs. speaking engagements, etc.) and we are upfront and transparent about the cost of services. In fact, beyond our deep discounts, we work with you to help you save money while continuing to get great value from the programming we provide.