Young Minds

Hands-on activities for youth that emphasizes the use of all aspects of science and art.

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Included in the SYM is a STEAM+E model: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math + Entrepreneurship. With SYM and the STEAM+E model, Kituuma & Co. provides hands-on activities and training for youth that underscores the individual importance of each facet as well as the interdisciplinary nature of

each subject. Furthermore, we promote an entrepreneurial mindset as well as exposure to entrepreneurs in these fields. These experiences are inspiring, engaging and empowering.

Students in grades 1-12, school districts, PTO groups and businesses seeking

to advance their corporate social responsibility initiatives, benefit from our programming.

There is a shortage of professionals to meet the present and rising demand for careers in STEAM fields

SYM is different from other STEAM and STEM oriented program providers. At Kituuma & Co., we provide program development and implementation services to our clients from start to finish

or anywhere in between, with critical project management oversight.


We have the expertise, the strategy and the network to curate enrichment programs that provide these experiences. From single-day workshops and speaking engagements to extracurricular science clubs and independent non-profit entities. We are able to provide support at whatever stage the program is in, from conceptualization to implementation or data analysis regarding outcomes.

Benefits of the SYM program:

Program Development  and


Our services help teachers, parents, school administrators, and organizations with programming at any stage of development to:

  • Conceptualize a model that encompasses targeted goals.

  • Develop individualized offerings with engaging content

  • Align objectives with activities that lead to desired outcomes

  • Establish data systems that capture value-add

Inspire and 


Our STEAM+E model takes a unique approach that:

  • Provides exposure to entrepreneurs making a global impact

  • Instills an entrepreneurial mindset and desire to be change agents 

  • Empowers students to be innovators

  • Presents age-appropriate information about business concepts

  • Engages students through creative hands-on STEAM activities. 

Access to 



Our support with Diversity & inclusion helps business, organizations, and schools:

  • Gain knowledge on how to promote and expand opportunities for minorities

  • Understand the value of a diverse workforce 

  • Attain access & exposure to minority STEAM professionals

What people are saying


Positive and engaging dynamic with children - listening and dialogue-based. 


 An incredibly personal, valuable and meaningful experience.


Hands-on topics that really interest kids. 

We partnered with Newton Public Schools' Creative Arts and Science (CAS) program to provide a hands-on workshop to 3rd graders at the Horace Mann School.

“Thank you again for working with CAS to bring your presentation to students. It was very well received. I'd like to offer your program to all of the schools in Newton but with some modifications.”

Stacey Moriarty

Program Director - Creative Arts and Sciences 

Newton Public Schools

Let us help you launch the next generation of global STEAM leaders

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We understand you want to see which product will suit your home. This is why we have a large range of samples that you can see when you book a free measure and quote. Otherwise we have images on our webiste, but keep in mind photos or samples displayed on a computer or mobile screen are not an accurate represenation of how they will look in real life. To truley know the awnser to this question simply contct us.

2: Can you install blinds on my windows?

Yes. We have a team of experienced blind installers that work with all types of windows, timber, concrete, gyprock, aluminium and more. Thus, we can install blinds onto almost any window or door.

3: Will you help if I need to fix and service custom blinds and curtains?

Yes, we can fix and repair your custom blinds and curtains purchased by us. All our products and services are covered under our warranty and we take top priority on any after sales services.

4: Can I select the design and fabric of my choice?

Yes, you are free to choose the design and fabric of your choice and we are happy to design custom blinds according to your needs.

5: Are all the designs for blinds available at Real Blinds?

We keep uploading new designs in our catalog to make sure you get the best out of it. If you don’t find an ideal style and colour of your blind or curtain, then you can contact us and we will be happy to find what you are looking for.

6: How do I estimate the cost of blind installation with Real Blinds?

The process of estimating the cost of blind installation is quite simple. You just need to pick the right product, measure the size, and call us. We will surely provide you the right quote.

7: Are the colors and design of custom blinds accurate?

Of course, we provide you the desired product. In fact, we do our best to make sure you get the right product delivered home.

8: Are your products new? Do you sell secondhand products?

We only sell Brand New products to make sure you get exactly what you pay and shop for. All products are assembled from new materials to make the finished product.

9: Will I receive technical help for blind installation?

Of course, yes! If you purchased blinds from Real Blinds we are happy to provide basic information to perform the installation work. If you are having second throughts we are happy to provide our expert installation services.

10: Do you charge to estimate the cost of blind installation?

Absolutely, not! Our prices include installation. However if you have blinds purchased you would like installed our prices are $30 per timber install and $35 for everything else. Curtains can vary from $80 to $160. Our minimum charge is $80. These prices are subject to GST.

11: Do your blinds and curtains have a warranty?

Yes! Our custom Roller Blinds have a 10 year warranty, 5 years on curtains, 36 months on our roller blind motors, 24 months on Venetians, 24 months in Verticals. We have further details about warranty on our T&C's page.

12: Can I install your products myself or should I have to call professionals for it?

You can install our products yourself. It seems great to seek assistance from professionals when it comes to blind installation, as they know better than you do about the installation process. If in doubt call a professional.

13: How do I measure my window for blinds?

When it comes to blind installation, you need to measure your window’s size. To evaluate the right measurement, contact our professionals and they will provide you the best guidance.

Otherwise here is our own free complete guide to measuring for blinds.

14: Is there any shade that can maintain the view of my house while controlling heat during the afternoon, as my house has a great view?

Yes, we will provide you the right product that helps you control heat while maintaining the view of your house. Contact us today and get instant help.

15: How long does it take to install blinds in my home?

We are known for delivering timely and affordable blind installation services. The estimate time required for blind installation depends on your needs and the area you want to cover. To get an accurate quote on time and cost, contact our experts.

16: How do I need to clean the blinds?

We suggest not washing or drying clean the blinds for lasting results. You can use the brush head of a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. You can also use soapy water to wipe off the stains.

Here is an article we have written regaing cleaning blinds.

17: How long will it take to get my products?

We offer a 1-8 supply and installation in Sydney and Melbourne. Product Pick ups on the Northern Beaches of Sydney or North Melbourne. If you have any urgent orders contact us now.

18: Do you guarantee the quality of blinds?

Yes! We promise to deliver you the best products, as we do our best to maintain the quality standards you expect from us.

19: Who will do the blind installation?

Our trained and professional blind installers will come to your place and provide you expertise to get a quality blind install superior to what most handymen, builders or husbands can achieve.

20: What is the payment process?

At the moment we are keeping payments to bank transfers and cash payments. We are entitled to a 50% deposit before works are undertaken. Once the works are complete we will send you an invoice.

21: Which is the blind you can see through?

This is the View Screen Blind, which is also refered to as a Sun Screen Blind, it is transparent during the day, but 100% private from the outside. Please not this effect reverses at night time when the light source has switched.

22: What is a light filter blind?

This is a blind that lets in ambient light, but is 100% privacy. This is ideal for living areas that have a privacy issue. The difference between the Light Filter Blind and View Screen Blind is that you cannot see out of the Light Filter Blind, so at night time when the light source switches you still have total privacy.

23: Can i motorise my existing blinds?

Yes, you sure can. There are hardwired and rechargeable options. Contact us for further details.

24: Are your blind motors compatible with smart devices?

Currently onlyour rechargeable range of roller blind motors can be made compatible with smarrt devices. We most commonly sell rechargeable motors, which work with a remote only. All our motorised options are of the highest quality with 36 month Warranties. We will update this section as soon as this changes.

25: Do you have a curtain alteration service?

Yes, we surley do! contact us and we will be happy to assist you to get your curtains hemmed to the correct size.

26: Do your installation services cover all Sydney and Melbourne

Yes. We are also happy to supply blinds aswell.

27: Do you manufacture your own blinds?

Yes, we do. We have workshops on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and in North Melbourne, which we are producing our roller blinds and curtain products. We have quality suppliers for Venetians, Veritcals, Blind Motors and more.

28: What is the best blind?

Every job is different to the next, thus different blinds or curtains are better suited for various reasons. Although from someone experienced with blinds my personal opinion is large sized hardwired smart motorised tripple roller blinds with a metal pelmet, that are programmed to a schedule. Triple being sun screen, light filtering and block out.

29: Do you have a showroom?

We have a mobile Showroom, which we have hundreds of samples. This is included in our free measure, quote and consultation.