What’s In Store For 2020 At Kituuma & Co.

2019 has been a very exciting year for us. We are gearing up for 2020 and wanted to share some our vision and plans with you. We have gathered feedback, analyzed data and had many engaging conversations to decision on what 2020 will look like for us. Here's a quick overview of what we are planning and how you can be a part of it.

We are happy to announce that at the beginning of the year, that we are helping a client launch an 8-week program from Jan-May. We have also connected with incredible institutions, organizations and companies and are in the process of finalizing some major partnerships. We are also looking to book new clients and have opening. Please message us to connect about partnering or working with us.

A few more things to look forward to in 2020 are listed below:

• Upcoming webinar about SYM

• SYM expansion plans for Boston, MA and Charlotte, NC

• Upcoming 8-week program (Chess Moves + Calculus for Kids) in Mystic Valley (MA) area

• New partnerships being developed

• Gearing up to add to the Kituuma & Co. team

• 4 workshops in May 2020

• Booking is now open for programing and/or events with a May 2020 or later start date

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