Meet the Founders + Why Kituuma & Co.

Kituuma & Co. Consulting was founded by Nathan R. Kituuma and Aubrielle M. Kituuma, Nathan is the company’s Principal. With an academic background that includes a BSc. from Wentworth Inst. of Technology and 10+ years of professional experience, he leads the organization in an innovative fashion. Throughout his career, he has served in various roles

as an engineer for firms in aviation, medical device, manufacturing, oil & gas, and as a leader with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Additionally, he is currently an MBA Candidate at Bentley University.

Aubrielle M. Kituuma serves as the Managing Partner. With a degree in Psychology & Biology from Swarthmore College coupled with a MSc. in Behavior Analysis from Salem State University, she manages and heads day-to-day operations. Her 10+ years of experience in the public sector working with youth and adults to improve behavioral outcomes have Kituuma & Co. as a leader in the industry.

Kituuma & Co. has a passion for increasing diversity in the STEAM workforce. With the founders’ combined backgrounds and varied experiences, they understood how they could provide access to clients through their network of diverse STEAM professionals & entrepreneurs. By analyzing the landscape further they saw several opportunities as they dove deeper when understanding the potential market. They found that there was a lack of implementation and oversight expertise for large teams and businesses and that prospective clients didn’t have assistance to develop observable and measurable outcomes. Ultimately they learned that clients did not know where or how to get started. So they wanted to offer a solution to these problems

The three core offerings Kituuma & Co. created to meet client’s needs are outlined below:

Business Process Management:

In-depth business process assessment (Understanding your process - Our services help groups and small businesses improve how they do their work to deliver quantifiable project outcomes through process improvements by:

  • Providing critical project management oversight

  • Improving and reengineering existing processes by eliminating bottlenecks

  • Optimizing new processes to deliver efficiency and improved business performance

Improving organizational performance - We use Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce waste (non-productive steps) by:

  • Understanding how a process works

  • Illustrating to others how a process works

  • Analyzing a process for continuous improvement to build business capability and sustainability

Creating a Learning Environment - In order for teams to adapt to new ways of working and to ensure continuous improvement and sustainability efforts, we create a learning environment by:

  • Designing teams so they are motivated to learn

  • Framing challenges faced by the team in ways that motivates people to learn

  • Designing an environment that fosters communication and innovation

STEAMulating Young Minds

Program development and implementation - Our services help teachers, parents, school administrators, and organizations with programming at any stage of development to:

  • Conceptualize a model that encompasses targeted goals

  • Develop individualized offerings with engaging content

  • Align objectives with activities that lead to desired outcomes

  • Establish data systems that capture value-add

Inspire and Engage - Our STEAM+E model takes a unique approach that:

  • Engages students through creative hands-on STEAM activities

  • Presents age-appropriate information about business concepts

  • Provides exposure to entrepreneurs making a global impact

  • Instills an entrepreneurial mindset and desire to be change agents

  • Empowers students to be innovators

Access to Diverse Professionals - Our support with Diversity & Inclusion helps businesses, organizations, and schools:

  • Gain knowledge on how to promote & expand opportunities for minorities

  • Understand the value of a diverse workforce

  • Attain access & exposure to minority STEAM professionals

Strategic Planning & Management

Information Analysis - Our strategic services help organizations design, implement and manage their competitive strategy by:

  • Performing a SWOT analysis to determine your core competencies

  • Conducting a PEST analysis to understand and adapt to your future business environment

  • Developing mission, vision and values and core competencies

Strategy Formulation - Our strategy formulation approach involves:

  • Project exploration to develop competitive advantage

  • Maximizing opportunities and minimizing threats identified in the analysis phase

  • Solving problems that are hindering goal achievement by utilizing tools like the 5 Whys and Root Cause Analysis

Strategy Implementation - We utilize The Three Cs (Clarify, Communicate and Cascade) to ensure a successful strategy implementation by:

  • Confirming that the strategy is understood by all levels of the organization

  • Communicating the focus and direction of the strategy and how it will affect everyone’s work

  • Engaging front-line managers and helping them apply the strategy within their business functions

Kituuma & Co. provides an array of services tailored to your desired programming, including project management services and oversight that produces quantifiable outcomes. Their goal is to help their clients establish, implement, and execute a strategy for their vision, from start to finish or anywhere in between.

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